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Sea Is Medicine

The Sea is Medicine started as a podcast and has grown into a collage art, beach accessory brand that produces items in limited editions or on demand, to reduce waste and create special unique pieces that will Seaspire your soul and connect you to the Ocean!

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I was enchanted by the Sea in my youth and left the midwest behind in my twenties to seek tropical paradise. Blessed to have made my coastal dreams come true, I spent many years in Hawaii; surfing, swimming, sailing and making art. In 2011, I left the Islands to pursue yoga and other healing arts. When I returned in 2018 I fell ill and was in and out of the hospital for a couple years fighting chronic illness. An opportunity took me to Florida where my life was saved by emergency colorectal surgery.  At this point, my body had disintegrated into a skeleton, and I was barely able to walk. Super happy to finally be out of the Hospital, I welcomed my new ileostomy pouch life and regained strength with physical therapy. As soon as I was able to walk the five blocks down to the beach, I went every day. It became my sacred ritual of rehabilitation and stimulated my creativity. I began photographing again and making Seaspired handmade collages. The Sea is Medicine manifested from this journey and is a way to share the power of the ocean to heal, inspire and transform our lives! I currently live on the coast of Mexico, where I create beach accessories, Seaspired collages, Bitcoin art, and continue my  photography pursuits.

The Sea is Medicine Podcast


is a passion project that shares Sea stories of other ocean lovers who have been healed, Seaspired and transformed by the ocean. Naomi recalls being young and exposed to music, books, and stories that changed her life. The podcast is a vehicle to connect to those seeking Seaspiration and open doors to possibility in their lives!

Have a Sea Story? Send a request to be on the podcast

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